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my FuturE作文50字

my future job if we want to be a good teacher ,we should obey this three points:first ,you must love your job,because if you don't love your job,you will work sadly and you won't get happy from your job .second,you should love your student,because your

I have lots of dream for my future. I want to be a doctor because it save people's life and it can also learn lots of money to support my family. I also want to be an inventor because I want to invent lot of stuffs that can improve the environment for the

my name is tom.i want to be an act in my future. you may ask me:"are your parents actors?""no,my parents are workers.my parents want me to be a workers , because they think worker can make lots of money .i want be an actor . i want to make

My FutureI will study hard to get in a better school, so I could learn more knowledge. Also, I want to work hard to get in a great university. All the things I want to do is the reason that I could get a good job. I feel my future will be awesome.

My Possibly future Different people have different futures. Some of them are good but some are bad. Some people maybe want to be a English teacher, some want to be a computer engineer and some even want to be a worker work for a factory.

when i was little,i had thought about my future. Especially the job i will have after graduation. I like all the fashion things. so i will try my best to be a designer.then i will study hard and one day my dream will come true.then i will creative a wonderful future.

My dream is to become a doctor. If I were a doctor, I would use their bodies to do clinical trials. If the drug is misconfigured, it will harm an innocent person. If I were a doctor, I will make every effort to rescue each patient, "I hope people all the world

My future is how to look, now, I will now for my future, my future is wonderful, my future is filled with wonder, as long as it is without regret, so future happiness.My future is in our hands, I must cherish, can let oneself have a good future, my future is

Everyone wants to know their future, but nobody knows it. I hope my future will like that. I think I will be an excellent lawyer in the future. I help many people who is in difficulty. I will help the people are in need, no matter they are rich or poor. Then I think I

The Plan of My Future When I was a child,I was always thinking about my future.At that time,I was longing for many careers,such as engineer,soldier,teacher,doctor and so on.So when I was been asked what were you going to be,I can answer quickly


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