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May I go now?-Yes,please./Please don't.Must I hand in the papers?-Yes,you need./No, you needn't.

一、疑问词只能用来构成特殊疑问句,它们只有两类: 1、疑问代词:who (whom, whose), what, which 2、疑问副词:when, where, why, how 二、情态动词属于动词类.动词有实意动词(包括系动词、行为动词)、助动词和情态动词,因此情态

1.肯:you must xxxx 否:you mustn't xxx 2.may的肯定回答:yes,you can. 否定:no,you mustn't \\no,you may not. 3.yes. no,you couldn't 4.yes, you needn't 5.yes no

情态动词的一般疑问句的肯定,否定怎么回答yes, i can (may, must could might. ought to)no, i can (may, must could might . ought to )

要看这个情态动词具体是什么含义,才能作答.can 表能力的时候.Can you do it?---Yes,I can ./No,I can't.can表可能的时候.Where can he be?----He may be in the office.用may

肯:Yes,you must/can/may/should/need to 否:No,you mustn't/can't/may not/shouldn't/needn't to shall用于第一人称 回答一般可以用Sure./Good idea/Great./Why not?等 补充:have 否:No,you don't have to

改否定句: 情态动词后加not i can swim. i can not swim.改疑问句:情态动词提至句首 i can swim. can you swim?

①-Should I go to see the doctor?我应该去看医生吗?should+主语+V原+sth.? -Yes,you should.是的,你应该去.Yes,主语+should. -No,you shouldn't.不,你不应该去.No,主语+shouldn't ②-May I go to the zoo?我可以去动物园吗?May+主语+V


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