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Patient anxiety is often increased by poor communication from health-care staff.病人的焦虑往往是增加沟通不良从卫生保健工作人员.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . You can have a good comunication with him if you have and different opinion. 跟读 哪天你我熟了之后,说不定你可以给个很好的概括.danci.911cha.com2.In comparison with the Americans, the humble comunication style is favorable for the Chinese. 跟读 和美国人相比,中国人更喜欢谦逊的交流风格.edu.sina.com.cn

If somebody is eager to get along well with his friends, great communication skill is expected.

we should have more communications with our parents我们需要与家长多沟通

communication n. 交流; 通讯,通信; 书信; 传达 例句 culture plays a large part in non-verbal communication. 文化在非语言交流中起着很大的作用. evading conflict created much larger issues than talking it out; i was forced to reassess my

communication 英[kmju:n'ken] 美[kmjunken] n. 通讯,通信;交流;书信;传达 名词复数:communications [例句]Successful bosses have good communication skills.成功的领导都具有良好的沟通技巧保证正确率,望采纳如有疑问,请追问

I always have communications with my parents. I stay home instead of going out.Whatever you say.The restaurant offers black tea.

communication 核心词汇 英 [kmjun'ken] 美 [kmjun'ken] n.交流;通讯;传达;通信;沟通 释义常用度分布图海词统计 沟通 通信 交流 通讯 传达 形容词: communicational new communication是什么意思,词典释义

用法:1、communication在商业信函和公文中常解释为“信函”.例如:We have received your communication of 25 April. 我们在四月二十五日收到了您的信函.2、Ministry of Communications意为“交通部”,当中的Communications指的是

communication cost[英][kmju:nikein kst][美][kmjunken kst][计]通信成本; 例句:1.The paper also analyzes how communication co


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