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WhEn You LovE ME 歌词

ll make you safeno matter where you are and bring you anything you ask for nothing is above me i':julio iglesias i wanna feel this waylonger than time i wanna know your dreamsand make them mine i wanna change the worldonly for you all the

那丝也有春天? 给我支点翘起整个地球 书读太多脑袋有点生锈 哦我女神踢爆有男朋友 刚在微博说她单身很久 这世界有车有房才算混得好 可是我每天陪着我的最恩爱的竟然是电脑 When YouLove Me 我有很多剧情 文艺悬疑小清新都可以 保

Lana Del Rey "Young and Beautiful" I've seen the world Done it all Had my cake now Diamonds, brilliant and Bel-Air now.Hot summer nights, mid July When you and I were forever wild The crazy days, city lights The way you'd play with me like a

歌曲名:When You Say You Love Me歌手:Stan Whitmire专辑:Seasons of Life: Solo Piano ReflectionsWhen You Say You Love MeClay AikenI've been watchin' you from afarAnd the way you make your way 'round the barYou laugh like you're

是这首 when you tell me that you love me 吗?When You Tell Me That You Love Me(Westlife & Diana Ross) I wanna call the stars Down from the sky I wanna live a day That never dies I wanna change the world Only for you All the impossible I wanna

josh groban - when you say you love melike the sound of silence callingi hear your voice and suddenlyim fallinglost in a dreamlike the echoes of our souls are meetingyou say those wordsmy heart stops beatingi wonder what it meanswhat could it

Once一次Doesn't mean anything to me对我来说并不意味着全部Come来吧Show me the meaning of complete告诉我完美的意义Where哪里Did our love go wrong我们的爱情(哪里)出了问题 Once we were so strong我们如此的深爱How can I go

when you tell me that you love me中文翻译(原创) i wanna call the stars down from the sky i wanna live a day that never dies i wanna change the world only for you all the impossible i wanna do 我想要为你 摘下天上的星星 我想要有那么一天 永远

s beautiful Looking at you In a world of lies You are the truth 我想要紧紧拥抱你 在淅沥的小雨下 我想亲吻你的微笑 感受其中的痛苦 在这个满是谎言的世界里 只有你是真实的 即使全世界都在对我说谎 你仍然是那样真实 And baby Everytime you

WHEN YOU TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME 当你告诉我你爱我的时候 歌手:Julio Iglesias I wanna feel this way 我想要这种感觉 Longer than time 很久很久了 I wanna know your dreams 我想要看到你的梦 And make them mine 梦着你的梦 I

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