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1 .Summer comes , and the weather has become irritating. My big sister suggested going to Hainan for a good relax. I thought about it for a while and agreed. Hainan is really a good place, where palm trees are abundant. We went to a park where

for i want to spend my holiday fully,so i plan to go on a trip,i want to go to hongkong for 2 weeks,because it is not only a shopping paradise but also the heaven for children.it's very far away ,so i plan to go there by plane,it is the most convenient way

A fantastic trip I have never travelled abroad but I have travelled most of China. For me, the most fantastic place is Tibet. I was tired of the life in cities and that's why I decided to go Tibet last summer. Tibet is famous for their Tibeten cultures and the

Hello everyone, I am very pleased to introduce the city of LinFen.There are 4 million people in LinFen which is located in southern Shanxi Province.The climate here is cool and nice,the sky is blue,and the air is fresh.All in all ,it is absolutely a good

(主要内容)第一段:假期期间你去了美丽的开曼岛旅游.第二段:你和表哥开着车探索美丽的小岛,享受着阳光和海滩的生活,你感觉被幸福围绕着.第三段:和平宁静的小岛给你的旅程增添了美好体验.Last sunday I took my school holiday

范文一: i went to an english summer camp this summer vacation. it's really a good chance to improve my english. i ate, lived, learnt and played with my foreign teachers and my classmates for about three weeks. in the morning, we had a four-hour-

A trip to Hainan I went on a trip to Hainan today with my family .We went there by plane. After we got off the plane, we went to the beach to see the beautiful sand and swim there. There were other people there too. Some people were surfing and


您好:I very happy thing is with class a dozen students to travel, the location is I want jion "fairy tale" - zhuhai shunan bamboo-sea. We'll visit is fairy lake. To fairy lake and suddenly felt relaxed and happy. Across the lake stone "fairy" once

went to Beijing more than eight times. Beijing is the capital of China. It's a big city. I am very familiar with Beijing. It takes an hour and forty minutes from Nantong to Beijing by plane. There are many tall buildings in Beijing. It's a modern city. My


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