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我理想的房子 英文

你好,同学,很高兴回答你的问题 正确答案如下: My dream house House, it's very important for us, because we must study, live ,and sleep in it . My dream house is very different from the usual house. I would like to introduce it to you if you are

答案如下,希望能给你帮助 The house that I want to live in is that very comfortable.And I want to have a bedroom wtih king size.There's a big living room.Outside the house,there's a beautiful garden and I can plant some flowers in it.Such as tulip

Everyone hopes to have a home, the home is a warm harbor. I dream of the house standing on the vast grassland, the courtyard is full of roses and grass. The white walls, red roofs, the seasons of the year, an idyllic scene.My dream house is home to

In my room, you can see my beige wardrobe, stood next to an air-conditioner. The center of the never ending stood a pink bed, in front of my desk, but also placed a computer and audio. desk left is a bookcase, there are many small boutique on top,

我理想的房子(My ideal house)Although dream of many person have a house, our garden of house is too small in china. I have bought a house last year, but I don't fit up it. My house is located in a small countryside. It is made of brick and

My ideal house

Title: My Ideal Home Currently I live with my parents in a three-bed flat. One big bed room is for my parents and the small one is for me. There is a moderate studying room which is also used as a guest room if we have relatives coming. Sometimes

house,it's very important for us,because we must study,live ,and sleep in it .my dream house is very different from the usual house.i would like to introduce it to you if you are interested in it. the shape of my dream house like a strawberry; the roof if

My ideal room



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