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My birthday is on On this day ,I can enjoy many things. Example:eating cake,playing games, listening muisc, dancingand so on. By the way,you shoud give your mother some flowers.Many years ago,she gives you the life,she is so good.Your birthday is your mother`s day,too.

Last May 4th was my birthday.I had a party at my home.My relatives and friends came to my home in the evening.And I got a lot of presents from them.My mother prepared a big birthday cake for me.There are even candles on it.After singing the song

June 17th is my birthday,I 'm so happy .I get up at six thirty.Then,my father and mother 译文,六月十七日是我的生日,我非常地高兴.我在六点半起床.之后,我的爸爸妈妈对

Today is my birthday.I am so glad because my friends come to my home.We do plenty of games.And my friends give me some gifts.At last we sing a song together .What a funny day.

今天是我的生日,好多朋友来祝贺我的生日,我也收到很多礼物,晚上我们放了烟花,吃了味道很好的蛋糕,不过我们吃蛋糕之前许了个愿望,就是希望我以后考试都是100分!Today is my birthday, a lot of friends to celebrate my birthday, I received a lot of gifts, we put the fireworks in the evening, eat delicious cake, we eat the cake before made a wish, hope I examination after all 100 points!

My birthday Today is my birthday. I am very excited. Not only good food, but also nice cake we will eat. All my good friend will celebrate it together. We will hold a good party. How nice the party is!

It's my birthday today. I'm very glad to invite my good friends to have dinner at home. There is a big birthdaycake on the table, and eleven candles on it. And there are also many other delicious food:chocolates , fruit , fish ,beef, shrimp and vegitables.

生日:My birthday in the vibrant spring, spring is the season that people aspire to, people always do a good job in this season, his own plans. As the saying goes: "Yinianzhiji is the spring of dollars a day is the morning." It is telling us: the desire

My birthday My birthday is 1stSeptember .At that day,my mother bought me a big birthday cake and cooked many delicious foods.I invent my friends to my party.After had a meal ,we sang songs and played games.In the afternoon,we went to the park

at home there are four people in my family.my father ,my mother ,my sister and i.we are doing different things.look,my father is watching the football match on tv.my mother is cooking dinner .my sister is playing and i am writing this article.we are very happy at home.


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