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It was a sunny day. We decided to have a picnic outside the city. There are 44 people in the tour group.In the morning, we set out at 8 o'clock and took an early bus to Nanhui .While we were tired ,we sit on the grass and ate the snacks we took with

last may,i went for an outing with my classmates. we went to the nanhu park at eight in the morning. we got there by bus. in the morning,we went boating. at noon ,we ate lunch in the small restaurant. the food was tasty. in the afternoon,we played

A Happy Time The weekend of the National Holiday, I went to Dalian with 7 students and had a happy time. At 6:30 we beginning, we went there by car. It was fun. We went to the Sea World, Universal Studio and the beach. There are a lot of sea

我对这个有经验 看http://wenwen.sogou.com/z/q873782322.htm和http://wenwen.sogou.com/z/q751722026.htm等我的记录 friday, in this day of april, we held a very interesting outing. spring has come, the sky is clear. after 10 o'clock, we set out. then

您好:in a beautiful spring day ,I went to park with my schoolmates .firstly ,we gathered in our school ,and then ,we took the bus to the park .after we arrived at the park ,we bought some drinks and food in a supermarket ,so we can eat or drink

a picnic yesterday and classmates, is planned to climb west mountain, collection of seven in the morning, and soon the light rain, after an hour ride to the hill, the rain stopped, climb the mountain scenery, do a lot of games, such as photographic,

翻译如下:郊游我们正想去郊游,天公不作美,不料下起雨来了.但是我们郊游的日期已定,风雨无阻.雨后的山特别好看.大雨使我们的野餐计划无法实现.但是我们很快乐.We were thinking of an outing, but the the gods were against us

Yestarday my friends and I went hiking.We enjoyed the nature so much,With the blue sky as well as the white snow,we had a good time on playing games.To make it more interesting,we eat a lot of delicious food.What a fun day it is

yesterday, we went to the taiyuan park with whole school teachers and students.we entered the park to see everywhere full of flowers, the road on both sides by tall metasequoia. we all appreciate the beauty, she came to the playground. amusement

Yesterday, melike teacher said our class organization a picnic activities, let classmates oneself combination, and division, tomorrow bring materials to school to have a picnic. Spear teacher the words sound just fell and schoolmates would excited


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