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As for this essay, I want the person who likes travel to read. And, I also want the person who yearns to the solitary journey to read. I like travel very much. I often go to travel. It meets a lot of people when traveling. It can touch not only the person but

I love traveling. Traveling not only broadens my horizons but also opens my eyes to the world. What's more, it refreshes me. You can go to Disneyland and experience what it's like to be “a child again!” You can visit one of the “seven wonders of

国庆旅游 National Day tourism 在假期里爸爸带我们全家去了六朝古都南京旅游. On holidays dad brought our family went to the six dynasties nanjing tourism. 很幸运我们住的酒店就在风景迷人的钟山上. Luckily our hotel in the charming scenery

Hello everyone,I'm …You can call me… I am a sunny and hard-working girl from ve been to and the places I only travel on books both impress a lot on me.The above I

I think most people like traveling because they can feel the beauty of the nature and breathe the fresh air at the same time. What's more they can make friends. But there are some disadvantages of travelling, such as, the weather may change quickly

Travel A succession of beautiful scenery makes one feel delighted. A long stay in the same surroundings to make everything the same. Routine work often makes one feel bored But if you take a trip or a long journey on your holidays to some scenic

Last winter holiday, I went to Harbin with my mother.It's very cold in winter. There is snow and ice everywhere and you are always in a white world. You must wear warm clothes. The most exciting thing is playing with snow. Skating is also very

As we know ,traveling is one of most exiciting things in our daily life . And traveling is necessary when we get bored about our work .When we travel and see the beautiful

Welcome to Heyuan,now let me introduce our city Heyuan to you.Heyuan is a city such as Sujiawei Wanlu Lake and so on.Wanlu Lake is a beautiful place.The water is

last year ,I went to Beijing I love there The summer Places is to beautiful and we went to Wangfujing though there are lots of people in there and the things are too expensive ,most people buy things in there.I bought a pair of beautiful shoes in there.I

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