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Life in future As time goes by, there are going to be big changes in our everyday life. For example, when we are hungry, we don\'t need to cook in a hurry. Just take some pills, and everything will be OK. When we are free, we can go anywhere by

Years the footsteps of great haste,no time to last year,waved and went to the front of the New Year.New Year always gives a lot of vision,too many of the Imagination.I do not

Years the footsteps of great haste, no time to last year, waved and went to the front of the New Year. New Year always gives a lot of vision, too many of the Imagination.I do not want north wind Yanqu the past, do not want to cover all the winter snows.

追问: 只要是有关于未来的畅想,都可以,字数嘛,一百字左右.要快…… 回答: Ok.今天帮你搞掂! 追问: 难度别太大的哦.谢~ 回答: 放心喔!只得100字左右的作文写不得太深.差不多写完了.给多点点耐性.谢谢! 补充: IMAGINE

Time off really fast, a dazzling, six years of Yunyan the same time we should, as the past, I will be graduated. Primary life is and how is infatuated with Yiyibushe,Now we will have a Gebenqiancheng.I want to graduate, in this more than 2,000 days, we

In the future,the house is in the sky,the car can be used in the sky and on the grand.The car can be traffic in the clouds without gasoline and exhaust gas.It lauches by air.The sky is blue without sandstorm for ever.

A twinkling of an eye, by 2030. At that moment, the school is not an ordinary school, like the son? Please listen to me slowly introduced! The future of the school is a school network, each classroom is 150 square meters, the size of each class

请问可不可以问多一点的informations? 1) 要大概多少字?2)需要那方面的畅想?谢谢! IMAGINE THE FUTURE COMPOSITION I have a dream from last night. The dream was a increditable journey of electronic toilet experience. Don't worry I

a seven day long holiday has flown away. mourning my happy hours during the vacation, i've been looking forward to winter holidays. people around me seemed to have enjoyed the vacation, too. then, is it fair that people have the same amount of

以下3篇,您选一篇,希望对您有帮助: 【梦想和未来】 这是一个老话题,中考常考,难度较小. 1.我的梦想是当一名医生(my dream is doctor) i am an ordinary person, i have an ordinary dream: to be a doctor. because doctor may let


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