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My friend is a boy,and he is 15 years old now.As a student,he has black hair,small eyes,big nose but with a little mouth.He is different with other stuedents in our school.

Zhang Ying is my good friend. She's in Class1, Grade4 of Tianjiao Primary School. She's a model student. She's clever and she's helpful, too. She often helps teachers and young students at school. She is good at Chinese, maths, English,

I have a good friend,his name is **.He has big eyes and short hair.He is very tall and active.**likes smiling very much and he always wear white chothes.We all like him.

I have a friend, she looks very pretty. She is medium heigh. She has black, short and straight hair. She has big eyes, small mouth. She is lovely and active.

I have a good friend. She is a cute girl. Her hair is long and straight. Her eyes are big. Her nose is small. She is very thin. She likes to help others. She is a hard-working student. She is good at English and Chinese. Her favorite season is summer,

This is my friend .Her name is Lily.Look!What a beautiful girl !She has black and long hair ,her eyes is very big,and she has a small nose ,red mouth.She is very friendly and kind,she always help others .She study hard ,she is a good student,and her favorite subject is Chinese.

nice to mett you to

This is me My name is Lily. I'm 12 years old. I'm in No .1 Primary School.I'm in Class5 Grade6. I have many good teachers. They are very friendly to us. We get along well with each other. I like them very much.I have a lot of hobbies. I like reading

*** is the man I respect most.Stern as he may be,he never fails to show his care and consideration.Once I broke a neighbor's window.Seeing nobody around,I ran away

I have many friend,but my best friend is Lily.She is a beautiful girl.She has big eyes and the eyes are black. She is taller than me. She study is very well.Teacher and other students like her.She can go on well with everyone We often share happiness


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